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Hassle free equipment orders to fulfill all your sporting good needs because you shouldn't have to pay more for the things you love.

Quality Brands

Get premium access to all our brands without the brand name prices.

Commitment Free Ordering

There is no minimum order or dollar amount required to start saving.

Additional Benefits

First-rate deals, unique promotions, and much more.

Simplified Ordering

Streamlined order process to cut out the overhead and expedite turnaround.

Direct Sales

We deal directly with each client, you won't be talking with a robot.

Hurricane Relief

Ask how you can help be a part of our efforts in rebuilding after the devastation of hurricane Michael.

Backed with Professional Experience

3FS was started by a team backed with professional sports experience. We understand it's important to focus on the field so we removed the complications and high costs of getting your sports gear. We handle getting the athletic equipment you need and all you have to do is prepare for your next big game.

Minimal Overhead, Lower Prices

Unlike other sporting retailers we don't have an expensive warehouse or distribution center which means minimal overhead. Since we don't have costly expenses we can offer you lower prices than you'll find at most other sporting good retailers. Reduced overhead means more money in your pocket.

Premium Discounts

We work with only a select few vendors to offer a straightforward order process where we can get the best rates for you. Working directly with our clients allows us to obtain lower rates than can be offered when publicly advertised. The added benefits of a direct sales process helps expedite the orders we handle.

Hurricane Michael Recovery

Damages from hurricane Michael have totaled over a billion. Many buildings and towns have been completely destroyed. The people are still rebuilding and are looking for help. 3FS Global has teamed up with OSG360 to give back to the communities that have lost everything. Young athletes are eager to continue on and the assistance we can provide will help ensure they do. We are organizing equipment donations and assistance to areas in need. If you are interested in being a part of the hurricane Michael recovery learn how you can help.

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If you want to place an order or for other sales inquiries contact us via email at orders@3fsglobal.com

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Donations & Hurricane Relief

If you have donations for hurricane Michael or want more information email us at donations@3fsglobal.com

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